Suni - An open tracker project is a bittorrent tracker free for anyone to use. You don't need to register, upload or index a torrent anywhere, all you have to do is to include the tracker URL in your torrent.

How does Demonii work?

When you create a torrent file the application will ask you for a tracker address, then simply type in the tracker URL:.


What are the current statistics?

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Below you will find some basic information about the Demonii tracker.

Currently we serve: 36,695,383 peers and 29,252,744 seeds, while tracking 4,490,408 torrents.

Top 10 popular torrents:











Are there other open bittorrent trackers?

Yes! We encourage you to use multiple trackers, this will increase your torrents accessibility. CopperSurf and Leechers Paradise are other free, no strings attached, stable bittorrent set of trackers.



Why use the Demonii tracker?

There are only a few open independent stable trackers out there, most of the trackers that can be used openly are either unstable or in some way connected to a bittorrent indexing site. We felt there was a need for a free, no strings attached, stable bittorrent tracker.

Why the need for an open bittorrent tracker?

There are many reasons, the most important ones includes:

I already have .torrent files, how can I add your tracker?

What is Demonii actually?

Demonii is started as testings, I was diving into OpenTracker software and started to work with it. Demonii was first intended to revive Demonoid. But that site wasn't that good, and I don't want to have something like that, now we are here as an open tracker. We are not affiliated with Demonoid or their staff. We are not affiliated with Torrentii.

What is the purpose of a tracker?

There are many reasons, the most important ones includes:

You can always mail us at: track (at) demonii (dot) com